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Don't separate what Jesus unites.

Too often it is implied that as great a gift that salvation in Jesus is, not all the saved are necessarily sanctified (grow in holiness, become more like Jesus, set apart for God’s purposes). And if some do manage to get sanctified, still fewer are sent to advance the gospel in the world. ...

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I need you to help me keep me believing

We need to regularly exhort and encourage other so that our hearts don't harden into unbelief....

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Baptism and new life

Baptism is not just about making a new start, but having new life to start with....

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God is the Great Grace Giver

God gives to us everything we need for every good work by grace through Jesus Christ....

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The heart of Hezekiah

God used Hezekiah to revive His people because he sought Him with his whole heart...

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